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Office Specifications

Core & Shell



Fire Systems

  1. Building structure to be a steel structure supported on interior steel columns, or as shown on Landlord’s construction documents.

  2. Exterior walls will be consistent with the development theme, as specified by Landlord’s architect.

  3. Roofing system to be as specified by Landlord’s architect.

  4. The Building will be served by a passenger elevator as represented in Landlord’s construction documents.
  1. Electric: Landlord to extend service from the buildings meter center to the distribution panel at each floor. Tenant will be responsible for connection to Landlord's distribution panel.

  2. Gas: No gas service will be provided.

  3. Telephone Service: Landlord will make arrangements to have telephone company service brought to building. Landlord shall extend an empty 1” conduit with pull string from point of service to Tenant’s premises, as shown on Landlord’s construction documents. Tenant is responsible for coordination with local utility providers to establish service within the Tenant’s premises.

  4. Fire Alarm: Landlord will furnish an intelligent, addressable fire alarm panel (FAP) for the general protection of the new building. This FAP will be supervised by security in the mall central station. Tenant is required to connect to Landlord’s FAP. Refer to Section III.F. for specific details.
  1. This building will be served by a Water Source Heat Pump system. System capacity will be sized to accommodate 1 ton per 350 Square feet of floor area.

  2. Landlord will provide main outside air loop and chilled water line loops only.

  3. Heat pumps and hookup will be provided by Tenant.
  1. A design build, standard “grid”, sprinkler system with upright sprinkler heads shall be provided in accordance with local recommendations of applicable Rating Bureau and local governing authority as well as Owner’s underwriter.

  2. Sprinkler system shall be designed by Landlord's sprinkler contractor to meet the NFPA 13 and Landlord’s insurance underwriter for typical retail occupancies as a minimum.

  3. Sprinkler heads will be installed upright at the underside of the deck. For sprinkler revisions required by Tenant’s interior improvements, it shall be the Tenant's responsibility to contract with Landlord's sprinkler contractor of record for the necessary changes, all at Tenant's cost.

  4. Tenant must furnish as built sprinkler drawings showing any revisions to Landlord's sprinkler system.

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